Your Natural Default

Did you know that you can live in perfect peace?  Did you know that fear and worry are tools of the enemy to keep you from your destiny?  I am so tired of the enemy tricking us into thinking that fear and worry are some kind of normal emotions.
It seems to be socially acceptable to worry about our kids or family members.   That’s nuts.  Fear and worry are evil spirits that we can choose to stand against or to agree with.  It is a battle.  We need to see it for what it is and fight.  Let’s not agree with the enemy and let him have place to rule in our hearts.
Ok, where to begin:  we have to be aware of our self talk….the voices in our head.  Every single thought you have is not your own.  The devil whispers lies constantly and we have to practice recognizing them and not agreeing with them.
It is great to have a healthy friend or spiritual parent to tell your thoughts to.  They should be able to help you decide where the thought is coming from.  When we agree with God’s thoughts towards us, we grow in peace and joy.  When we agree with the enemy, we open the door for him to come in and destroy our peace.
Holy Spirit is our Friend and Helper.  We need Him so much.  As we take time to value Him and soak in His presence, He fills us up.
The enemy will do everything he can to keep you from living in peace. Quieting the heart does not come natural to everyone.  Living in peace is a skill that you can practice.
As children of God it is our nature to love.  It is not our nature to live in fear.
Practice until peace and joy are your natural default.
 Please comment one fear that you are choosing to let go of today!
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6 thoughts on “Your Natural Default

  1. Jenny and Troy Roush says:

    Praise JESUS and the encouraging he provides through you and your thoughts , my Jenny and I surly look forward to them every Monday . May you and Pastor Christopher and you kids be Blessed and Happy Easter to you all. Troy Roush

  2. lindsaysueq says:

    I saw that you liked my most recent post so I decided to check out your page and let me tell you this post is so great and encouraging! This is something that my husband and I deal with on a daily basis and I have come to realize that we have to constantly give our thoughts to the Lord. This was angoodnword for me thank you!

  3. kara says:

    Love your post because this is something that isn’t talked about enough. The devil puts these thoughts of fear in our head. It’s not from God. My greatest fear is evil prowling about my children. I’m not always there to protect them, but I know that God is!

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