What if You Were to Become a Celebrity…

Social media seems to be a free for all where you can sling slander however much you like.

I read a tweet by Candace Cameron Bure the other day where she asked people to please send encouraging comments and tweets to her.  She mentioned that she was getting an onslaught of mean reactions, and that it was really discouraging.

Imagine being a public figure and having everyone pick apart your clothing style choices for your big event right where you and God and everyone else can read it.

Imagine having to never get online because you never know what horrible thing someone spewed about you and trying to stay positive in the midst of all that is too overwhelming.

Imagine truly trying to make a difference in the world and having people from all areas of society picking you to pieces.

Imagine accidentally becoming famous and having the whole world scrutinize your children every moment of every day.

Well known people are still people:

They are real.  

They have real spouses.

They have real children.

They have real feelings.

Spreading gossip and rumors about a well-known person is still wrong. Being famous does not make someone a fair target. Be kind, rewind….or better yet think before you speak.

You might just become well known yourself one day…..

Please comment which boundaries would you set to protect yourself and your family if you suddenly became famous?

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One thought on “What if You Were to Become a Celebrity…

  1. This is a great question for me, because I just recently started doing video announcement and as you can imagine the fame is overwhelming. Just kidding, but seriously though I think I would just establish greater check and balances with those in a position of authority in my life. Not leave any cracks where compromise could creep in and go unnoticed and make myself humble and completely teachable. I feel like you’ll never get away from people saying about you what they will, but there’s a lot of freedom had when you overhear those things and know that you dealt with it in the best way you know how and you’re going to continue making it right with people that love you by your side. At the end of the day, you only have to live with yourself. While the echoes from the words people say can be heard, over time, they go away and what remains is the sum total of how your controlled yourself in the middle of your circumstances.

    i might change my mind tomorrow, but those are my thoughts.

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